New Retro News: Halcyon On and On


Tribal Clans! Boulders! Starbases! I’m pretty sure all these things were in Indiana Jones’ adventures, so this week’s news theme is, fittingly, “adventure”. Also, “aliens”.

  • Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander released
  • Warcraft: Lord of the Clans leaked
  • Boulder Dash’s 30th anniversary remake

Halcyon 6: fully operational


A new pixel style space game has recently hit the digital shelves. Drawing (not entirely accurate) comparisons to XCOM and FTL, Halcyon 6 at first looked to deliver a bit more on its promises compared to say, Star Command. From what I’ve seen it certainly seems like a fully complete game, with excellent detail and polish.

Mixing base building, exploration, and JRPG combat sounds like a recipe for success and there is a quite positive Steam response. I’m personally not sold, though – battles have very few commands, tech tree is strictly linear, and most of the game is spent clicking on resources. But hey, don’t take my word for it!

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander | buy

Lord of the Clans escapes its cell


Way back in the 90’s when the adventure game genre wasn’t a living corpse like it is now, big name developers were still willing to bet the big bucks on them. Many years ago Blizzard’s Lord of the Clans was one such adventure game destined to build on the burgeoning Warcraft franchise (the RTS games, before that whole MMO business which took ‘lore’ to new extremes). Alas, it was axed due to quality concerns, and now it’s been leaked so you can see for yourself.

While it sports some pretty awesome Saturday Morning Cartoon style artwork (which is surprising especially since Animation Magic made it) there’s a pretty good consensus that Lord of the Clans was, indeed, not fit for release after all. Bliz have already taken down the leaked game file, of course, but you can still check out a full playthrough on good old Youtube and see for yourself.

Lord of the Clans | watch

Boulder Dash gets old


Turning 30 is a slippery downhill slope, hangovers last up to 4 days, sleeping is more enjoyable than sex, and hair stops growing where you want it to and starts growing where you don’t want it to. Luckily, Boulderdash being a videogame has no need for nutrients or hair to worry about, so it enjoyably slips into the 30 year mark with a celebration bash.

The graphics are “upgraded” to some sort of PlayStation 1 era polygons, for better or worse. Still, it features a whopping 220 new levels, the all important level editor, and is apparently the first Boulder Dash game to include diagonal movement.

Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary | buy


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