Demo News: Streets of Rogue Updated (Alpha 11)

An updated Alpha demo of urban havoc simulator-in-progress Streets of Rogue is out, which adds a few new features, such as more classes, mission types, improved graphics and sound, better performance, and a fully-functional 2-player coop mode. If you haven’t checked this game out yet, now is the best time to get started.


For those who didn’t see our first look and/or try out the game yet, Streets of Rogue is basically a roguelite arcade game, dropping you in an endless, procedurally generated city and sending you on random missions. Thanks to the colourful mix of items ranging from shotguns to Mario mushroom style “gigantizers” to teleporters, timebombs, hacking devices and vengeful gorillas, missions invariably end in gratuitous chaotic violence that leaves bits of buildings and denizens’ body parts strewn about the place.

When I previously test-drove the game, while it had some crazy chaotic fun, the gameplay still boiled down to a pretty basic template. Since we last tested the publicly available alpha way back in December, developer Madguy has been continuously slaving away over a hot computer to provide various performance and visuals tweaks and gameplay improvements.


The most notable updates come in the shape of a variety of weird new, classes, ranging from wrestler to vampire to cop to shapeshifter. Each with their own distinct traits such as being a genius, a young go-getter, or a man from Ireland. The cops are also added to the city as NPCs  – which adds a welcome new dimension to the world that, much like Detroit in the 80s, was formerly exclusively populated with gangs, drug dealers, slavers and the odd killer robot.

Other developments include additional mission types, such as “Destroy Object” and “Plant Item” missions, which already help things feel a lot more varied. (Previously it was mostly “Kill Target” or “Get Item from Target” – which in practical terms basically meant “Kill Target to Get Item from Corpse”) The implementation of a basic experience system also adds a nice sense of progression too, allowing your character to level up and select from various new traits, such as beginning each stage with a follower or getting discounts as shops. There are also ‘event’ levels every three floors, which add hazards such as radiation waves, bomb raids or our good friends the killer robots.


All-in-all, while it is still nominally in alpha stage, Streets of Rogue is already a totally playable and fun arcade experience, and could easily pass a quiet night in with some Megadrive-era 2-player explode ’em up fun.

Given the progress, and that even Rockpapershotgun has covered it now, I dare say it won’t be too much longer before goes all Pinnochio and turns into a real boy soon. So it’s a, very, very good idea to get a taste of the alpha now before its too late!

Streets of Rogue | Demo / Forum Dev Log


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