New Retro News: …Things Have Happened

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times. Luckily, some old school adventure, flying, and punching action awaits just ’round the corner:

  • This is just a tribute: free Stranger Things Tribute adventure!
  • When boys were owls: platform-RPG Owlboy release date!
  • Bleeding out: Soviet Streets of Rage in Mother Russia Bleeds!

Read on to learn more…

Stranger Things Tribute

This is not the greatest show in the world, no. This is just a tribute!


Infamous Games – makers of the reverse-Quest for Glory-like Quest for Infamy – have whipped up a tribute to 80’s-tastic Stranger Things. Since Stranger Things is pretty much madly in love with the 80’s, it makes sense to pay tribute with an old school Lucastarts-style adventure game. Being a tribute, it’s a tiny snippet – with just one area to play with – but may just sate the hunger of fans waiting for the inevitable season 2.

Stranger Things Tribute | download

Owlboy Flaps into Existence.. almost


About one decade and five countries ago, I was following a cool looking side-scrolling platformer RPG with flight mechanics called Owlboy. Heck, I even remember playing some kind of prototype demo. Well, time heals all wounds, or something, cos it’s finally being released. And it is looking gorgeous.

Nov 1 is the official ball, so make sure you’re there in your best feathers, possibly with a freshly killed mouse in your beak. That really gels with the Owlgirls, I’m told.

Owl Boy | official site

Mother Russia Bleeds

In Soviet Russia, Streets of Rage plays you! That’s two Simpsons references in one article now, so I’ll quit while I’m ahead and just note the release of a new retro style beat ’em up called Mother Russia Bleeds.

Just like its namesake, Mother Russia Bleeds is a brutal and gory beat em up, with 4 player action. The opening stage reminds me a lot of that old game P.O.W. somehow, too.

Mother Russia Bleeds | steam / GOG


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  1. This looks awesome! Have you posted about this on any gaming sites?


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