Glitched (demo)

Been waiting for that Mario RPG/Earthbound/Undertale game to be developed, which also uses an Essence system, while simultaneously proving that RPG Maker can make actual games? Serendipity, my friend. Serendipity.


In Glitched, you nonchalantly decided to try out the virtual reality services of Frog Inc., but instead of liberating oxygen on Planet Musk Mars, you’re planted in a compact little village bemoaning your meager existence. Something goes wrong, a giant spiderweb thing appears and Gus, the character you are controlling, becomes aware of you. And now, in the most unlikely team-up since Robocop versus Buffy, you guys must do what nobody else in these villages ever do: leave the village.


The big questions, of course, are how will the player react to your orders? Will heads clash? Can you help him win the quarterback’s girlfriend and show up the jocks of Alpha Beta? Time will tell… perhaps. My experience with Glitched so far was, well, limited: while Gus would indeed ask for advice or show concern, I would still naturally make the final decision without it making any difference (in all of two such situations, mind you), but hey, let’s see how far they take this.

My first playthrough ended in the premature insanity of Gus, and thus game over. Rule one of Glitched Club is: don’t ignore the player when he talks to you. Taking another approach, I gave it to him straight and told him he’s, in actual fact, inside a video game. That lasted all of a few seconds and had the same result as option 1. Tip two of Glitched Club:  don’t be entirely honest.

Glitched, then, is about getting in tune with the character and creator, so there may be a little mind reading involved. Your actions have consequences too, but to what ends, I can’t really say at this stage in the game. And for those skeptical of the engine used (because, let’s face it, RPG Maker is mostly known for notoriously terrible FF fangames -ed), let me allay your fears: this game doesn’t actually look like a steaming turd and the music is top notch too.


Like Undertale before it, and erm, Dirty Harry before that, you have the option of talking your enemies out of nonchalantly throwing their lives away by your hand, possibly via basic counting exercises. I only got into a few of these such fisticuff adventures, but there were a few good dialogue options available. This idea of solving conflict without violence is something I can’t understand just yet… but video games are full of surprises.

I didn’t find out too much about this Essence system they tout, but it appears to contain qualities like Zeal and Bastion. How they affect your surroundings is a bit vague: your essence changes based on your interactions and actions and… that’s all I can really tell you at this point.


As you can guess from some of the vagueness, the game is just a demo and it’s definitely still early days, so anything could happen. This game raised a respectable $68K on Kickstarter, with promised free DLC (heheh). Developer EnHouseStudios look to be going full steam ahead with ideas and characters. Hell, there’s almost enough here to put faith back into crowdsourcing. While we wait for the full release, give the demo a thrashing.

Glitched (demo) | download

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