If recent experiences haven’t satisfied your MegaMan cravings, and you also happen to crave fruit, MangoMan is the cure for you. You might want to see a doctor about it, too, though.. Just in case.


MangoMan is a typically classic retro experience, aping the visual look and sound of its source inspiration. Like all ~Mans, you make your way through a linear yet maze like level, shooting annoyingly positioned enemies and annoyingly moving platforms, while you die repeatedly on annoyingly insta-killing spikes. It’s great fun.

Luckily, for the less challenge-seeking of us, MangoMan also includes 2 difficulty options – the easy one making enemies easier to explodify and granting infinite lives.


Made by Joseph Gribbin, it was put together in about three weeks, and as such is more of a demo or sampler of his capabilities. There’s just a single level and boss to get through, so sadly, no consuming bosses’ souls abilities this time round.

MangoMan | Download


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I grew up in the dark dingy arcades of the 1980s, blasting heads with Robocop 2, but grew up in an era that spanned the introduction of the x86 home computer, through to the 16-bit revolution, into the polygon age and beyond. I write about food, travel and of course, New Retro Games. I started and contribute to I am also a freelance business researcher, writer, and editor having published academic and corporate articles on innovation and intellectual property.

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