Rom Mod Roundup: Streets of Rage

The Remake Roundup and Rom Mod features have finally met in an nuclear fusion of epic proportions that rounds up a collection of cool, interesting, or just plain weird rom mods and left at least half a city block a smouldering atomic waste. Sorry about that.

Streets of Rage 2 title

This time round, we take a look at a batch of interesting rom mods for SEGA’s classic beat em up series: Streets of Rage, in particular the popular 1992 sequel, surprisingly titled Streets of Rage 2.


Streets_Of_Rage_2_coverAlthough by no means a pioneer, Streets of Rage is an undisputed classic of the beat ’em up genre. SOR2 in particular was getting just about everything right. A mix of characters with different strengths and weaknesses (from the cliched big and powerful but slow guy to the weak but speedy guy), various special moves, grabs and throws, weapons to pick up and of course, giant roast chickens lying on the street. Tasty!

Rom mods, hacks or edits – whatever you want to call them – have been around for decades, but SEGA recently opened the floodgates allowing anyone to upload homebrew mods to the official SEGA Steam Workshop page.

It opens the world to a lot more funny, quirky or impressive mods… but as with anything that hits the mainstream, there’s about 80% drek to shift through as well. As part of our agreement with the City of San Diego after that one visit, we are obliged to perform civic duty and sift through the dregs and find for you, the reader, gems among the poo.

Note: to clarify these are mods for the actual Streets of Rage games and not mods for the SoR inspired Open Beats of Rage project.


Streets of Rage 2 with that weird Tim Allen sound

Fully titled Streets of Rage 2 Except It Makes That Weird Tim Allen Noise When People Die, this Tim Allen mod is a work of genius the likes of which will never be gazed upon by mortal men again.

Yes, everyone really does make that weird “ourghhh” Tim Allen sound, from the unfathomably popular Home Improvement TV show, when they die. And yes, even pipsqueak Skate grunts (albeit with pitch increased to match).

Whether it just sounds funny and elicits some laughs, or satisfies that deep urge you feel to mete punishment out to Tim Allen for making that terrible show, the existence of this mod is justified in every way possible. (he is, at least partly, redeemed for the Rickman-tastic Galaxy Quest, though – ed)

SoR2 Tim Allen mod | Download

Streets of Fighter

It seems that the Street Fighter crew have stuck their grubby mitts into almost every fighting game, whether it involves duelling with Wolverine or punching the crap out of Megaman. So it makes sense that the boys and girls hit the rage filled streets and show Axel, Blaze and team how the pros do it.

Since the original SoR2 only had four characters, there are not one, but a range of Street Fighter 2 mods to accommodate the large cast. From Ken to Chun Li, most of the classic characters are available. Necessarily, the special move controls are somewhat simplified, adapted to the comparatively limited moveset allowed by SoR2, but hadoukens and dragon punches are all there in one form or another.

Streets Of Fighter V1 (Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim and Guile) | Download

Streets Of Fighter V2 (Fei long , Chun-Li, DeeJay And Cammy ) | Download

Streets Of Fighter V3 (Balrog, Bison, Sagat And Vega) | Download

Streets Of Fighter V4 (Blanka, E.Honda, Zangief, T.Hawk) | Download

Syndicate Wars: Free for All

I always wondered how Mr. X got all these honourless street thugs to work together, anyway. I mean, it’s not like they are banding together for the greater good or to fight an orc army or something.

Syndicate Wars adds a dab of anarchistic realism but letting the street punks play, Fight Club style, and beat the crap out of the nearest person, friend or foe. Naturally this means you get to play as the punks too. Also, you know how I said SoR2 only allows 4 players to choose from? Apparently that’s a dirty lie as Syndicate Wars allows a whopping 23 players to choose from.

While it doesn’t exactly make for an improved playing experience, it’s a chaotic mess of fun, even if for a short playthrough.

Syndicate Wars: FFA | Download

Street Safer, Go!

StreetSaferGONot actually a mod, but an impressive effort no less, Street Safer, Go! is a remix album for Streets of Rage 1,  inverting the upbeat urgency inducing beats of the first game into a chilled, beach resort vibe.

As one commenter mentions, it’s a glimpse at “what the city was probably like before Mr. X started all the chaos”. Or perhaps after he’s beaten. Either way, it’s an impressive effort, and, uh, excuse me while I mix up that second Mojito.

Street Safer, Go! | Listen


Honourable Mentions

There are so many wacky mods, not all are worth a big mention, but some deserve at least honourble mentions. They are:

I love Streets of Rage 2, certainly one of my favourite beat ’em ups off all time, and it was exciting to see the potential rom mods that could exist. Somewhat sadly, it mostly boils down to swapping in your favourite character sprites (which is still involves a respectable bit of work) rather than really mixing things up. Still, I don’t think I can complain about hitting the rage-filled streets one more time as Donatello, or plodding through Mr. X’s hideout as E. Honda.

The Open Beats of Rage project on the other hand – the result of the shutdown Streets of Rage Remake project – is another question entirely. A free engine based on the Rage series, OpenBOR allows for considerably more customisation, from Streets of Rage 4 to the inevitable Streets of Rage with Zombies.




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