There You Go

There You Go belongs to the room escape subgenre, a style that usually begins with you rousing from some indeterminate slumber to find yourself a locked room, with a convenient assortment of puzzles sitting between you and freedom. Think the first Resident Evil without the zombies or guns, and all those crescent keys and piano puzzles taking place in a single room. It’s, uh, more fun than it sounds.


There You Go is a classic point and click adventure but embraces the slightly more modern style of simple shaded polygons (or voxels, in this case) understanding that you don’t need fancy doodads like hi res textures, mammoth poly counts or pressing “F” to pay your respects to have a good time.

Much like its school of inspiration, There You Go sees you navigating through in a series of zombie-free rooms, each presenting a different challenge – whether simply finding a key or working through a lever puzzle before you can proceed.

However, unlike a lot (if not all) room escape games, There You Go adds bright colourful 3D voxel environments to the mix. The 3D element isn’t just a visual gimmick – it enables you to seamlessly rotate the view to peek at each corner of the room, which is essential to solving the different puzzles.


Not that your faculties will be pushed to any strenuous extent – There You Go is not interested in challenging you with obtuse, ragequit inducing challenges, and instead sports relatively easy puzzles wrapped in a chill, laid back attitude. Like, I mean, you could escape, y’know, if you are into that kind of thing.

There You Go is also pretty short, with about 10 rooms, meaning it’s more of a relaxing coffeebreak affair than anything. It is, in a way, more of a conceptual taster, and if there is enough interest, chances are high the dev will make follow-up chapters. So, yeah, there you go.

There You Go | Download


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