Old Retro News: Archives Edition

Due to the excruciating minutae of every day life, I missed quite a few windows for news posts of latest releases, ports and other new and old retro happenings alike.


Still, not everyone religiously scans every major gaming website, minor blog by random guy, and auto-generated catch-all website for each and every thing that happens, so I figured it was worth shouting out some old news for those who have been living in a cave for the past 3 months like me.

  • Shock! A game with zombies and pixels
  • Sass! 90s style adventure game about a biker chick
  • H-h-hackers! SHODAN returns… again
  • Monsters be here: new Final Fantasy Tactics mod!

Dead Island Retro Revenge


Retrofied spin-offs are a popular outlet these days, and zombies are no exception. AAA game Dead Island has dipped its toe into some indie style action with a pixellated beat em up based on its normally high-tech “follow the objectives, oh and also zombies” franchise. Yes, it even has a plot revolving around cats.

Cynicism aside, it looks pretty crisp, and the gameplay promises to provide some classic Streets of Rage style action, for about $5.

Dead Island: Retro Revenge | Steam Page

Kathy Rain


Kathy Rain is the first release of a anticipated series of point-n-click adventures starting a totally detached too cool for you rad 20-something chick. Naturally then, it’s set in the Daria era of the mid-late 90’s, when being the alternative deadpan intellectual wasn’t an overdone concept (read: by hipsters).

The artwork is not quite the best I’ve seen in an indie point n click, but it does capture the style of the era, with a ton of attention to detail recreating the 90’s setting. Even better, after noting the lack of innovative features like A Boney Night‘s ‘thoughts’ mechanic, along comes Kathy Rain with a ‘think about’ command!

Kathy Rain | Buy on Steam / GOG

Welc-c-c-ome Back, Hacker: System Shock Remasters


If System Shock: Enhanced Edition – which ported the game to run on modern hardware with added conveniences like mouselook and higher resolutions – wasn’t going far enough, then get ready to jack in again because System Shock Remastered goes the whole hog of totally remaking the game with all new graphics and engine.

It looks like a darn mite promising outlet, and a step towards the inevitable System Shock 2 remake. There’s also a playable demo!

System Shock Remastered | Website / Demo

Tactics, with 100% more Monsters

Final Fantasy Tactics is still, for me at least, the pinnacle of the tactical RPG genre. That’s why I loved Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 – which fixed and balanced the game while adding new content – so much. Here comes a new contender – Final Fantasy Monster Tactics.


In this world, as the name implies, monsters are your new best friends. Humans can’t be hired anymore, and monsters are recruited via random battles (Ramza and Agrias are the only 2 permanent playable humans). We will certainly be extending our claws and opening up the belly of Monster Tactics, to get a deeper look at what makes it tick, in an upcoming Rom Mod article.

FFT Monster Tactics | Download


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I grew up in the dark dingy arcades of the 1980s, blasting heads with Robocop 2, but grew up in an era that spanned the introduction of the x86 home computer, through to the 16-bit revolution, into the polygon age and beyond. I write about food, travel and of course, New Retro Games. I started newretrogames.wordpress.com and contribute to www.thecitylane.com. I am also a freelance business researcher, writer, and editor having published academic and corporate articles on innovation and intellectual property.

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