Remake Roundup: Return to Pac

A few months back the Remake Roundup took a look at the venerable bright yellow godfather of video games, Pac-Man. We found so many colourful remakes and re-imaginings that we couldn’t fit them all in. Heck, there was even a re-imagined gritty reboot.

So here we are again for another slice of the golden pie. This time we find more arcade updates, left-field weirdness, and yet more horror themed shenanigans.

Forget Me Not


Forget Me Not is a modern riff on the classic Pac-Man formula, with elements similar to the official remake, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (covered in Part 1). It features randomly generated mazes, and the ability to speed up the more pellets you consume in a row.

It’s arguably more chaotic than Championship Edition, but I mean that in a good way. It was a quite a bit popular on the indie scene, and was a bit of crime that we didn’t mention it the first time. It is absolutely worth a download.

Forget Me Not | Download from Homepage / iOS / Android

PAC 256


Apparently, the original Pac-Man was infamous for being unbeatable- albeit unintentionally so. Once players reached level 256 the game would glitch out, filling the maze with garbage characters that made the level impossible.

What kind of lives people had that enabled them to actually play 256 levels of nonstop Pac-Man is probably the more pressing question here, but nevertheless it became an infamous bit of Pac legend.

Enter Pac 256, which honours this legend by reflecting the futility of trying to beat the unbeatable. Racing against an endless wave of glitched out horrors, you have to eat as many pellets as you can for the high score before being consumed by the inevitable wall of death.

Sadly, it is only available on smartphones.

Pac-Man 256 | iOS / Android

Pack War


In Pack War, you are but a fleshy human wandering a maze of unidentifiable origin, easily falling victim to the numerous langolier-like Pacs floating around the maze. So while Pack War may bear no story per se, it possibly provides the answer to where the ghosts come from, and why they are after Pac-man in the first place: they are presumably the shades of ravenous Pac’s former victims.

Like Pacman.exe covered before, Pack War adds a dab of realism to horrific effect, switching maze exploration to a first-person perspective, making visibility claustrophobic compared to the omniscient god-like view of the original. Luckily, power pellets endow you with a shotgun, allowing you to extract some lone space marine style revenge on the pacs for a limited time, but like in all things, death is inevitable.

Pac War | Download / Blood Edition

Pong + Pacman + Space Invaders!

In this day and age of instant catz picture satisfaction, we are oft looked at as the short-attention-span generation. One old school game isn’t enough anymore, clearly, so Pac-Man needed to team up with Pong and Space Invaders to get some of the eyelash batting attention it so craves.

PacapongAs the title suggests, Pac-Man + Pong + Space Invaders (aka “pacapong”) literally combines the three games into one, in a way that actually sort of works.  Controlling the chaos is done via the pong sticks, shooting Pac-Man out instead of balls, which then shoots into a Pac-Man maze. Ghosts, space invaders and even Donkey Kong appear to damage the other player until one emerges victorious (or gets distracted by shiny objects and wanders off).

Pacapong | Download

2Pac Man


If there’s ever been two things that needed combining, clearly it was the pellet munching gameplay of Pac-Man with late 90s east coast gangsta rap.

2Pac-Man is here to fill the void that the Makavelian left behind, fusing the package in a stylish gameboy wrapper. The game levels even appear to accurately chronicle 2Pac’s life – ending at the pearly gates of (Gangsta’s) paradise itself.

Admittedly, the game is rather haphazardly thrown together, and not as creative as say, the pseudophilosophical bent of last roundup’s The Pac-Man, but the oddness behind such a creation is at least worth a free laugh.

2Pac Man | Play Online

Pac-Man Google Doodle


Even internet giant Google had to get in on the thriving Pac-Man remake market, converting its (in?)famous logo into a living Pac-Man maze in 2010.

There isn’t much else to add, it’s only one level with no other notable changes or additions to its source material, but remains a notable piece of Pac memorabilia.

Pac-Man Google Doodle | Play Online

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX 2


Lastly, while not playable just yet, we should mention that the official remake, Pac-Man Champsionship Edition DX is getting a followup this year.

The sequel will apparently feature variety of “dynamic 3D mazes”, the ability to “bump” ghosts, and, of course, giant ghost boss battles.

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