Prince of Thieves

I’m on a bit of an arcade bent at the moment, so it was a bittersweet moment when public domain jam #3 game Prince of Thieves showed up, nicked all my stuff, then sold it at the market to buy some tights. At least Bryan Adams didn’t show up.


Prince of Thieves is a classic arcade game in pretty much every sense of the word, you’ll see all the right down to the chunky resolution, graphics, sound and HUD. Although there isn’t a whole lot of depth to be found among the guard shooting loot grabbin’ action (like many old arcade games), there’s a healthy dose of arcade nostalgia to be found.

The basic gameplay involves the classic pitch of trying to clear the screen of money bags while avoiding the guards, making it to the next level, and repeating. You can take the decidedly less stealthy approach of just shooting with your bow and arrow but, just like real life, an arrow through the heart merely knocks one out for a short while, so the guards will be back up on their feet for revenge after only a short while.


In terms of the “new” in “new retro” there isn’t much in terms of modern innovations or sensibilities aside from the fact that its a new game mimicking an old style. Like Kevin Costner before it, Prince of Thieves is old school all the way.

There isn’t much else to add – what you see is what you get – so if you’ve a hankering for an old school arcade game, Prince of Thieves is your man. In tights.

Prince of Thieves | download


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I grew up in the dark dingy arcades of the 1980s, blasting heads with Robocop 2, but grew up in an era that spanned the introduction of the x86 home computer, through to the 16-bit revolution, into the polygon age and beyond. I write about food, travel and of course, New Retro Games. I started and contribute to I am also a freelance business researcher, writer, and editor having published academic and corporate articles on innovation and intellectual property.

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