Retro City Rampage in DOS. You won’t believe how he did it


If you didn’t already know, retro affair Retro City Rampage has been ported… to MS-DOS. The remarkable port of RCR to DOS has been out for about a year now, how time flies.

Seeing developers create new retro games that actually run on old hardware isn’t unheard of – it’s just normally to systems such as the C64 or Megadrive. Until now, porting PC games to run on an actual DOS system has been unheard of (I’m sure there are people who’ve done it though).


If this kind of stuff interests you, here you can watch creator, Brian Provinciano, go into some detail of how he got it to work on a 486, using 4MB and a single floppy disk. He goes over the common and often ingenious ways he used to optimise and squeeze this retro inspired game onto a single disk and the challenges along the way (don’t throw out your sure to be useful-any-time-now 486s just yet!).

The game is no Doom 4 but Brian does mention he could have had it running on a 286 with enough time.

Retro City Rampage DOS version | Official Page

Forgive the clickbait title. The writer has been taken out the back and summarily executed, then his body parts were bundled together in a giant space net and thrown into the sun, just to be sure. You know, like in Superman IV. -ed


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