Demo Update: Bomb on Basic City

A while back we took a look at a homebrew Megadrive game in progress called Bomb on Basic City. Since then developer Vetea has run the game through a few updates so I hopped back into the cockpit for another fly by.


Bomb on Basic City is a straight-up arcade fair with a somewhat innovative concept, flying by classic European looking cities before you run out of time and crash in a fiery explosion yourself. Since you fly automatically (you can hold left/right to speed up or slow down slightly), the core of the gameplay revolves around timing your bombs for that juuuust right placement for maximum destruction.

Like its visuals and sound, the gameplay also sticks relatively old school. The destruction isn’t a physics-based cascade-a-thon in the same way that, say, Angry Birds is, as buildings stick with slowly crumbling straight downwards. Instead, the game has a move Tetris (or Columns, to give a more Megadrive point-of-reference)  like feel, since moments get tense as you try to hit the high ‘lines’ sticking out before you get knocked out.


The latest version brings with it a few tweaks that bring the game to a polished stage, with menus for language and difficult options. Although you didn’t really need to read anything to understand what’s going on, it’s always good to have the option.

The game also has 8 zones currently (with 2 left before the game is complete), and some new enemies to make things more interesting, such as tanks, and more types of powerups, like a shield and a bomb that will pierce straight through buildings and explode at the bottom for more satisfying destruction.

There’s not much else beyond the fly by blasting, no RPG-like elements or spiralling plotlines to worry about, but what Basic City does, it does well.

Bomb on Basic City | Download ROM / Play in browser / dev thread


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  1. Hey !
    Bomb on Basic City are now available for purchase on the Second Dimension website! Get your copies today!

    A big thanks to SD and Elusive to make the dream, a Reality !


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