New Retro Vault: A Boney Night

It’s been a while since I played a good old fashioned point ‘n’ click adventure game, so here’s A Boney Night to offer a short but nostalgic refresher. Playing the role of the evil hag helpful witch, Boney Night has you join forces with an unlikely ally to sort out some self-styled Dol Guldur curmudgeon.


A Boney Night was created by Bernie (aka Origami Hero), who is known best for his platformer efforts including the “Game with a Kitty” series, as well as Treasure Hunter Man 1 and 2. He’s produced some pretty bang up adventure games too though, including Reactor 09 and Cedric and the Revolution. A Boney Night is a bit less serious than those efforts, opting for the more light hearted coffee break adventure, despite its grim setting.

The main staples of adventure games in line with Lucasarts classics are all here – picking up everything that isn’t nailed down, combining random items and engaging in idle banter with a random assortment of characters from mushrooms to zombies.


There is one nice innovation though, which comes in the form of ‘thoughts’: whenever you are struck with a problem it gets added to your inventory as a ‘thought’, which then can be used to trigger interactions with items, dialogues or other actions. It’s a genius little way to subvert the need for listing your objectives, as well as a useful way to add context when interacting with items. Like the ‘remember’ function in Memento XII, it’s a shame we haven’t seen more of this kind of thing in other modern takes on the classic adventure game.

A Boney Night is short, but still took me about a solid hour of casually poking around to beat it.

A Boney Night | Download / Walkthrough


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