MS Paint Racers

A while back we posted about a driving game in progress called Slipstream that emulates the classic look and feel of Outrun and games of the era. That game succeeded in its Kickstarter campaign and will come out… sometime. Until then though, I stumbled across MS Paint Racers which is as the name implies, a free Outrun style racing game with graphics entirely made in MS Paint. It looks surprisingly good.

MS Paint Racers_title

MS Paint Racers’ unimaginative name may cue you into how the game itself will be – a simple unassuming affair. You are a magically animate car that wants one thing – to cruise along crisp, colourful tracks in relaxing locales like the beach or forest.  OK, I’m making the magically animate car part up – but it’s moot – MS Paint Racers is really all about gently cruising along some nicely drawn tracks, sentient cars or otherwise.

I’m not sure how the engine was made, but it seems that it is using an actual 3D plane, unlike the technology of Outrun could allow for, and instead utilises a limited camera angle and sprite-based cars to recreate that old school look. It works well, mainly because the track runs along super smoothly, adding to that overall relaxing feeling of cruising. Sure, you might occasionally hit a tree and explode in a ball of roaring fire, but for the most part it’s smooth sailing.

MS Paint Racers

There isn’t much else to MS Paint Racers, not that there needs to be.  There are 8 tracks, each awarding money based on your performance, and unlocked in progression. There’s a few “upgrades” purchasable with your hard earned winnings, including top speed, acceleration, etc, but they aren’t really significant. Aside from that, it’s just good clean old fashioned driving fun.

MS Paint Racers is simple, but for a free browser game, it captures the look and feel of Outrun and its ilk quite well, and it runs darn smooth to boot.

MS Paint Racers | Play Online


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