Bomb on Basic City

Time to dust off that old Megadrive/Genesis, since Studio Vetea has gone out and made a brand spanking new game! Set in some kind of inverse social commentary on Space Invaders, you must fly over cities and bomb the crap out of them for no reason other than “because you can”. Good enough for me!


Bomb on Basic City, is a work in progress, but one that is entirely enjoyable already – and strangely cathartic. Being based on Megadrive tech limitations, sports classic 16-bit graphics of the era, but does a pretty good job making the Megadrive’s otherwise drab shades bright and cheerful.

The game itself is in another language (French), but you won’t need to do much reading since there is no real dialogue or instructions to worry about. However, the gameplay and controls might not be easily apparent at first play.

Control-wise, if playing in the browser, the Enter key = start, which you push to start the game and to progress on the opening scene of each level, while Z, X, and C represent the A, B, and C buttons of the Megadrive controller, respectively. These drop deadly bombs on your antagonistic inanimate buildings, giving them a good what for, with B/C also dropping more powerful super bombs if you have enough charge.

When embarking on your mission of architectural destruction, your plane will automatically repeatedly fly across the top of the screen, meaning the main gameplay mechanic boils down to timing your bomb drops for accurate destruction. Extra bombs and powerups such as defense shields float out of the crumbling buildings, helping you speed things up (in the worst case, you always start a flyover with at least one bomb), but for the most part its a pretty steadily paced progression of fly over, bomb, and repeat. You can however use the left and right keys to speed up or slow down your fly overs – adding a slight bit more depth to the exploding.


Bomb on Basic City is kind of like a reversed space invaders, in that you slowly descend over time – meaning its a flight against the clock where by failing to destroy the buildings on time (or getting hit too much by the enemies shooting at you from below), causes you to crash in a fiery pixellated death.

That is basically all there is to it though. While there is some simple satisfaction to be had, for me personally gameplay felt a bit too light, and the powerups didn’t add a whole lot of flavour yet. Of course – it’s in active development so it’s likely some new twists will be added over time.

My vote aside from a bit more interactivity would be some more Worms/Liero style armament options like exploding sheep, nukes and cluster bombs, that could be quite the thing.

Bomb on Basic City | Download ROM / Play in browser / dev thread


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  1. Hey thanks for this Review ! The game is “Work in Progress”, there are many thing to do yet. Cheers ! Vetea


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