New Retro News: dungeons, doom and.. marriage

New Retro News – for the news you may have missed(tm). Proudly sponsored by Monolith Burger (now with 10% more actual meat!).

This corporate sponsored edition provides us with a new dungeoning release, a new doomed preview and new bountiful harvest of updates:

  • Release: 7 Samurai Mages to rule them all on Steam
  • Preview: id’s classic DooM is returning – and free for the weekend
  • Update: Stardew Valley makes marriage more fun

7 Mages – hello mummy!


7 Mages is a dungeon crawler based on the spirit of 7 Samurai; you must assemble a team of seven Magi to protect a town from rogue magic users. The game is a dungeon crawler in line with Dungeon Master or Legend of Grimrock – though with some notable deviations such as a party consisting entirely of mages – many of which are also proficient in melee combat – as well as turn-based combat and a bigger emphasis on adventure game style puzzles.

So far it seems an old school, no mercy game, with more adventure style puzzles (than movement/switch/teleport style ones). Strangely, the developers chose to focus a retro style dungeon crawler on mobile platforms… so the PC version is basically a straight up port – however the developers say they will revise the PC port in time.

7 Mages | Buy on Steam

DOOM – free this weekend


Back in the 90’s DOOM was the ultimate in computer entertainment. The sound of the shotgun buckshot, snorting imps and awesome music (for the time) created the perfect maelstrom of fun.

I don’t know about the latest version, but you will be able to check it out for free over the weekend of the 15th-17th April – by downloading the Beta. It will allow you to play some Team matches on the Heatwave and Infernal Maps.

DOOM | Beta Download

Stardew Valley: Marriage is  more funStardewVelly_1

Stardew Valley is a recently released Harvest Moon style farming adventure. I’ve been playing it, and its a fantastic game so far, chock full of personality and filled with strangely addicting activities to do, including marriage.

However, perhaps as an unintentional social commentary, once actually married the romance ended rather abruptly, with your new hubby becoming little more than a shouting mannequin that was unable to leave the house, while, similar to real life, your in-laws didn’t yet acknowledge your existence. “She’s just going through a phase” they say to themselves, “she’ll forget this and marry a nice doctor or lawyer soon”, while nodding.

New content patches since release have started to address this though, which now grant your life partner the ability to actually leave the house, adds unique dialogue, and also convinces your in-laws to actually recognise you as one of their family. Something else I’m glad to see: maxed-out friendship levels will no longer decay.

Stardew Valley | Buy on Steam


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