Demo: God of Word

Another week, another game that mixes RPG elements with typing skills, or so it seems! God of Word helps itself to stand out from the currently booming typing game subgenre by mixing up different elements (typing skill/speed, vocab word games, as well as things like a multiplayer mode) wrapped up in a pseudo-greco mythology. It’s an early build and a bit rough around the marble edges – but one that already shows some promise.


The main heart of God of Word is word based duels – with your character on the left charging recklessly towards the opponent on the right. Similar to older games such as Bookworm Adventures you are given have a series of letters available with which to make words from which, much like a Shakespearean epithet, cause fatal wounds to your opponent. Naturally then, God of Word presents its brutal repariere combat in the form of a play – being put on for the gods themselves.


Of course, some RPG/adventure staples are present here – a world map to progress through (though the current alpha demo seems to start with all available nodes unlocked), an upgrade system to improve abilities such as damage done per word, or the time you have to make words, and a mercantile shop to buy handy potions (and in future, equipment upgrades).

However, there are a few things that set God of Word’s execution apart from other typing / word building games that use a RPG combat style wrapping.

Firstly, battles aren’t played out blow by blow, with an enemy’s HP bar progressively draining with each word submitted until your foe carks it. Instead, no blows are exchanged at all, and rather it’s up to you to rapidly make as many words as possible to meet a certain quota of points before the time runs out. Once the time runs out its an instant kill or be killed – depending on whether you racked up enough points in the time limit.


In addition to this God of Word is mixing up the type of word play (get it? ah, never mind). In addition to the core combat above, some levels will throw additional challenges, such as making a large enough word to open a chest or spare a hostage from a gruesome hanging (all in the name of entertainment), or the more traditional Typing of the Dead style speed tests as living corpses try to consume your flesh – fun for the whole family!

God of World | Alpha demo | Steam Greelight


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