Secret of QWERTY

The town of poorly translated Engrishonia needs your help, let’s fantastic journey! Yes, that’s pretty much the setting – though intentionally so – and since everyone else in the kingdom is apparently on break, it’s up to you to take on Ye Olde Dark Lord. Luckily, it seems Lady Mavis Beacon of the Keyboard Coast has endowed you with the ability to literally type your enemies to death.


Secret of QWERTY is a classic dungeon clearing turn-based battle affair that harkens to Dragon Quest, no doubt about it. But when facing enemies, with a dash of Typing of the Dead appears, you don’t just select ‘fight’ from a menu, watching as your warrior slashes away. Instead you’ll need to take a more active role, rapidly typing various words before the angry molesting trees get you. Perhaps the first time in an RPG, the pen is finally mightier than the sword.

If you’re not good at typing, Secret of QWERTY is far from punishing, and levelling up and upgrading equipment will make the battles go by smoother even if you are clumsy at the keyboard. In addition to your typing attack, you can also make use of the four spells to choose from. The first reduces enemies HP by half, the second heals back half of your HP, while the third freezes an enemy for 10 seconds, and the fourth is a quake that knocks all enemies’ HP by half.


Secret of QWERTY isn’t a vastly complex game, and there isn’t much beyond a the standard formula of exploring, levelling up, upgrading equipment, and battling. It’s probably for the best though – as it’s short story lasts just long enough to charm with its silly personality and nostalgia feels before the typing gameplay gets old.

Secret of QWERTY | Download


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