Rise From Your Grave

We haven’t posted any content for a while due to work/life/angry girlfriends/that invincible grim reaper that is blocking the exit, but it’s only a temporary situation. As much as I hate those invariable “we’re not dead” posts you see on blogs, which are typically the last or second-to-last post they have since 2002, we are, yet living.

We’ve got a ton of games and game related content sitting around, hidden gem new retro efforts that we unearthed from depths no man should have mined. It’s just a matter of, you know, actually writing about them. The first wave will be hitting interwebs in the next few hours, until then, enjoy this orchestral delight:


About J.C

I grew up in the dark dingy arcades of the 1980s, blasting heads with Robocop 2, but grew up in an era that spanned the introduction of the x86 home computer, through to the 16-bit revolution, into the polygon age and beyond. I write about food, travel and of course, New Retro Games. I started newretrogames.wordpress.com and contribute to www.thecitylane.com. I am also a freelance business researcher, writer, and editor having published academic and corporate articles on innovation and intellectual property.

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