New Retro Vault: Jump n Bump

Greetings Easter/Fertility Season peoples. In the spirit of the season, we decided to focus on cute, fwuffy bunnies. Of course, by “cute” we mean “murderous bloodlust infected rabbits with a wont to kill”. You see, the bunnies in Jump n Bump saw one too many companions stomped on by Mario and his ilk, and now are infected with a serious case of rabbit rage. Not since Watership Down have bunnies been so violent, but in the cold hard world of extreme rabbitting it’s Jump or be Bumped Off, apparently.


Originally by Brainchild Design in 1998, Jump n Bump was a classic competitive multiplayer arena game, in the spirit of games such as Liero, where 1-4 murderous bunnies compete in a hazard packed platforming arena. All you need to do – and indeed all you can do – is move left, right or jump, hoping to carefully land on an opponent to cause them instagib to death. Controls are simplistic enough, which each player occupying a different part of the space in front of the computer as follows:

P3 (FIZZ) Mouse Buttons
P4 (MIJJI) Joystick

Of course this is New Retro, so what we’ve found here is a slightly more modern port/enhanced edition, by Florian Schulze, which upscales the graphics and adds support for a (relatively) higher resolution of 800×512, and some new sounds. Getting it to actually run in this upscaled mode however, is a bit rooted in its retro origins: it requires running the game with a parameter – my attempts to make modern Windows accept met with failure. The only way I’ve found that works is to open the command prompt through the Run command (Windows+R (Run) -> Type “Cmd”), then in the command prompt, navigate to the game folder and type: jumpnbump -upscale. For anyone who grew up with retro gaming on the PC, this probably won’t be too much of a stretch, then you’ll be back to smashing your friends’ heads open in no time. Ah, the good old days.


Sadly, there is no 1 player mode (it’s just a lone bunny sadly jumping around an empty arena), and while the remake’s site mentions a networking mode, it doesn’t seem to give any indication of how to utilise it, meaning its hotseat all the way for now. Still, if you’ve got some friends over, it makes a great little game where heated alliances and bitter rivalries will rise and fall within minutes.

 Jump n Bump | Download


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