News: Play any NES game.. in 3D!?

A new NES emulator has emerged on the scene, with the rather unusual feature of automatically transforming the games from their repressive 2D chains into glorious liberated 3D dioramas. It’s all a bit patchy and glitchy, to be sure.. but it’s really rather marvellous.


Going by the name of 3DNes, this new emulator is entirely playable online – however currently only running under Firefox – with a stock of select games including Castlevania, Megaman and Super Mario Bros. 3. Using some kind of voodoo magic called computer programming, the developers have managed to automatically morph in-game sprites into 3D blocks, which give many of the games a kind of mini-puppet theatre/toy set kind of feel.


Admittedly, though, some games certainly fare better than others – personal good picks for us include Megaman and Contra. The transition from 2 planes of existence to a third doesn’t bear well on every 8-bit protagonist, clearly, with a bit of weird glitching in the backgrounds or other oddities happening from time to time. Still, it’s pretty impressive that it works as well as it does, let alone at all, and if development continues this could produce a quite interesting new retro gaming experience.

Check out the video to see how it plays:

3DNes | Play Online


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