New Retro News: What Tiiiime is it???

Adventure Game Revival Time! Apparently. A stack of classic adventure games have been released, announced or otherwise poked their heads out in to the world this week.

  • Thimbleweed Park – Maniac Mansion meets X-Files and Twin Peaks?
  • Dough Mendoza and Pizzaboy – AKA Phillip J Fry and the Mystery Mob (saturday morning cartoon editon)
  • Ghost Town JS – c64 game gets a Javascript port!
  • Stardew Valley – released and ready for harvest

The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonca & Pizzaboy


Aside from the distinction of ‘entirely too long title hyper edition 2’, Dog & Pizzaboy is a gorgeous looking old school style supernatural adventure game just released on Steam. For some reason, since being a Pizzaboy isn’t overworked and underpaid enough, you are also taking on an unpaid side job investigating paranormal occurrences with an equally paranormal team.

The art consists of some beautiful hand drawn illustrations – which makes sense given that it’s based on a series of graphic novels. Although, from what I’ve read the game’s goofy humor tries a little too hard. Still, there’s a demo online that you can try before sinking any cash on it, so give it a whirl.

Dog Mendonca & Pizzaboy | Steam / Demo on

Thimbleweed Park: Upcoming


The designers of Maniac Mansion making a retro-styled old school adventure game in the same vein while mixing in influences of X-Files, Stephen King (we all float down here) and Twin Peaks? Shut up and take my money! Oh, what’s that? I don’t have any money. Right, carry on.

Thimbleweed Park wears its retro heart on its pixellated sleeve – visually it looks like a direct follow-up from the first Maniac Mansion (and to an extent, Zak McKracken), and also will include the multiple character switching gameplay of the original.

Thimbleweed Park | Official Site

Ghost Town JS: Port


Ghost Town is, apparently, an ancient game on the C64 that I somehow missed despite owning one of the venerable machines. Luckily, that can now be rectified as some crazy guy by the moniker of AWSM has gone and remade it in HTML5/JS. Explore a ghost town, collect and use the right items in the right places, and get the treasure. Oh, and be a dear and kill the evil wizard while you’re at it, ta. Perhaps ghosts towns are really just necromancer’s lairs?

The game is as rough as its vintage usually entails, and a quick spin reminds us that some gameplay doesn’t really stand the test of time – but it may be a nice diversion for those who fancy some nostalgia.

Ghost Town JS | Play Online

Stardew Valley: Released


We tipped our hat to farm ‘n’ Harvest Adventure Stardew Valley a few weeks back, and now it’s out. The initial reactions are sounding quite positive, some considering it “better than Harvest Moon”, which, considering the games’ obvious influence, is holy praise indeed. We might take a more in-depth look down the track.

Stardew Valley | Buy on Steam


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