Cuckoo Castle

Dracula has risen yet again, kidnapping the local populace (presumably saving them for midnight snacks later). It’s up to YOU, whether you be knight, witch or.. creature… to stop him.


I hope I’m not overindulging on  ‘Gameboy’ games here, but Cuckoo Castle is yet another excellent mini-metroidvania that chooses the venerable greenscreen format as its place of residence. If you’ve played any platform-RPG or metroidvania ever, you’ll find the gameplay to be pretty straightforward. The default character, the knight, can jump and attack.. and, well that’s pretty much it. Soon enough, though, you’ll rescue two additional characters with their own attacks and abilities – which I’ll avoid spoiling in any further detail – who add a nice touch of spice and open up more of the castle.


Like many of these offerings, Cuckoo Castle is a short affair, developed for the GBJAM (coming 1st!) and probably only holding you back for about an hour of play. But it’s a damned good hour. Whether you appreciate Gameboy games, metroidvanias or side-scrollers of the era in general, Cuckoo Castle is definitely worth a visit.

Cuckoo Castle | Download on Game Jolt


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