Pac-Man: Come Out to Play

Another month, another new feature popping up on these pages. This time, as per your nutritionist’s recommendations, we are introducing some more fibre into your diet by sharing cool innovative media, images, clips, and other miscellaneous re-imaginings that put modern spins or inject something new into retro games.

When I covered Pac-Man in the last remake roundup, I said no one would be awaiting “the latest gritty Pac-Man action adventure reboot on the PS4″. Turns out I was partially wrong, since there is in fact a gritty reboot – just in film form. Pac-Man: Come Out to Play is a dark re-imagining of Pac-Man in a late ’70s New York street setting, finally combining the yellow pizza with the classic 1979 street film The Warriors.


Produced by a group called Fury Fingers, Pac-Man: Come out to Play is heavily orientated around that parkour stuff which seems to be the rage with all the kids these days. The group of Australian film-makers apparently make a habit of creating live action films like this about video games, so we’ll be certainly keeping an eye on them, silently from the dark alleyway, for what they come up with next.

Watch the video below:


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