News: Urquan Masters HD Remix

The Urquan Masters HD is a new hi-res re-doing of space classic Star Control II, with Remix being the newest fork that fixes a staggering amount of outstanding bugs, improves some of the settings/backgrounds, adds higher-quality remix music from the Precursors remix project, and “makes the game easier to run for newbies”. Welp, looks like it’s time to  put back on that spacesuit.


Star Control II was a space adventure very special for its time, and arguably still even by today’s standards. It was one of the early sci-fi contenders to feature role-playing elements alongside 2D combat and space exploration. Some even consider it one of the greatest computer games of all time.

The HD/Remix releases pay respect to this legacy by limiting the changes to asthetics/UI improvements, and bug fixes, and not messing with the content. The HD graphics look great when it comes to the dialogue screens, although I’m not convinced about the new ship graphics. The caveat with HD graphics is that moving from chunky pixels to the high detail version tends to make things look a little too clean, resulting in a kind of flat look. That’ sjust me though, so don’t heed my words – judge for yourself:



The Urquan Masters HD Remix, being based on an open-source project, is completely free. If you loved Star Control II, there is probably little reason not to pick this one up.

Urquan Masters HD Remix | Download


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