All your base your base, base, base… is 15 years old

Yep, someone set us up this classic 15 years ago. All Your Base spread like the Black Death, and while symptoms were similar, the 1337 as they were known back then, were content knowing that something as trivial as a few lines from Zero Wing were enough, at one stage, to get the world* into a frenzy.


Make Your Time

While the phrase was used as early as 1998, this flash video from 2001 created a rift that opened up a hole into another world; and what happened next will shock you – these others then started reporting on this meme, which was uncommon for the time. These days no meme goes unnoticed without clueless hosts beating them into the ground.


What You Say!

It will be one of a handful of memes we will fondly recall to our grandkids as during what we will undoubtably refer to as the golden time, while quietly cursing the eventual downfall.


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