Rocketsmash EX

Commuting must be a real bastard in the far future. All you really want to do after a long spaceday at the oribtal-desk, is get home, sit down and have a nice cup of astro tea. But.. even if you get past suicidal spacerocks, keep homicidal AI’s in check, and avoid unstoppable ancient evils, there’s still a pretty high chance you’ll crash on an alien planet and have to blast your way through endless waves of alien blobs. Rocksmash EX is all about that, so confidently doubles as a handy life training simulator for future generations.


Landing on each planet, you need to fuel up and get out before you’re slaughtered like the local fauna. So, kind of like that one planet with Vin Diesel on it that was filled with deadly alien creatures and looks suspiciously like Outback Australia (which is also filled with deadly creatures). Luckily, you have unlimited ammunition to do away with these beasties while you scoop up precious fuel and diamonds which, naturally, explode out of the aliens’ corpses fall from the sky.


Rocketsmash EX is a neat little call back to the C64, featuring vintage graphics and sounds, and arcade-style game play that is about as pick-up-and-play C64-style as it gets: Single screen levels. Endless aliens. Simple goal. Repeat for many levels. It’s a concept that could drag on, but luckily Rocksmash EX handles it nicely, offering up just enough levels for the action to feel quick and fast, like, and ending before it gets stale. Having said that, I wouldn’t hate a few more powerups and variety in the enemies’ behaviour, which could then probably justify a few more levels of gameplay and a boss. But Rocketsmash EX is what it is, and sometimes a game doesn’t absolutely have to be more involving than that.


I figured the graphics were merely inspired by the C64, since to me they look of the sort a little crisper and more colourful than I remember the ancient machine to be able to spit out, but turns out you can actually play the game on a real c64! That’s a double-dose of vintage for the hardcore new retro fans. You can even order a physical copy! For the rest of us, the PC version is playable on computers from this century and downloadable for free.

Rocksmash EX | Download on Itch / Purchase deluxe copy


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I grew up in the dark dingy arcades of the 1980s, blasting heads with Robocop 2, but grew up in an era that spanned the introduction of the x86 home computer, through to the 16-bit revolution, into the polygon age and beyond. I write about food, travel and of course, New Retro Games. I started and contribute to I am also a freelance business researcher, writer, and editor having published academic and corporate articles on innovation and intellectual property.

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