Sesame Street Fighter 2

There’s a lot of awesome and humorous mockups out there by talented pixel artists (and artists in general). Link and Megaman in Street Fighter 2Sure. Super Breaking Bad 2 Turbo? Yep. So when I saw a screenshot depicting an E-Honda Cookie monster facing off against a Ken red-robe clad Ernie, I naturally assumed it was yet another mockup. No. This is real. Somebody actually made a game with the Sesame Street characters teaching the joy of spelling.. through the heartfelt method of beating the crap out of each other.


The character mashups are nothing short of inspired. The gluttonous Cookie Monster makes for a fitting E Honda, while long, lanky Grover works perfectly as Dhalsim. And if you ever wondered what Oscar looks like underneath that trashcan, well, you’ll be surprised to find he somehow hits up the gym quite a lot, since he makes an excellent muscled Blanka, even bursting out of his can with the classic Blanka spin-jump.

Sadly, being a spelling game, you won’t be able to knock out the usual “quarter circle + punch” combo and executing hadoukens like it’s going out of fashion as per the typical Street Fighter experience. This is Sesame Street Fighter after all, and that means it’s a wholesome educational spelling game… in the form of gracious violence. So, instead of sliding your fingers fervently across the buttons in combination, you’ll be tasked with spelling out a word to execute a special attack.

Sesame Street Fighter

Sounds workable, really, and it all starts out innocuous enough. Difficulty is based on character, with E-Honda/Cookie Monster challenging you with ‘animal’ words, while Dhalsim/Grover kicks it up a notch to ‘weather’. But then… things take a turn for the weird. M. Bison/Elmo asks you to spell out the names of German Scientists, and characters such as Blanka/Oscar require you to tap out names of Russian cities. Because of course they do.

I’m not sure if the weird choice of spelling topics is for some kind of legitimate background reason (and what reason could require both spelling out German scientists and Russian cities, I cannot image), or if it’s just a joke game. It’s kind of a shame in a way, since with sane spelling topics, Sesame Street Fighter could actually be quite a fun little game (check out Icarus Proudbottom if you don’t believe me). Regardless, Sesame Street Fighter simply needs to be seen to be believed, if just for the oddness of it all. Plus, if you ever needed to brush up on your spelling of “Petrozavodsk” then this is the game for you.

Sesame Street Fighter | Play Online


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