Demo News: Dark Flame final demo

We’ve mentioned Dark Flame in a few posts, but now a ‘final’ demo has been released that gives a better glimpse at how the final product might shape up. I’m not usually a fan of the “It’s like X+Y” pitcher but the final demo makes “Castlevania meets Dark Souls” become a pretty apt description for Dark Flame. It’s awesome but it’s also hard.


you will learn to hate these guys

The previous demos were very alpha, in that they were more like a handful of rooms to potter around in and a few powers to tinker with. The new and final demo is more like an actual game now, with your lone Templar progressively exploring further into the dark world he finds himself trapped within. From playing this new demo, I can happily report that performance has been tweaked nicely, and there are more swords, powers and enemies to deal with here. If there was ever going to be “the complete experience” before paying for the full game, this is it.

But yes. Its hard. For a non-hardcore gamer like me, almost frustratingly so: precision, sharp reaction speed and reflexes. I have none of these things. Though to be fair there’s only so much you can do when a zombie decides to belch poisonous acid into your face at point-blank range. Oh, and poison can’t be cured. Enjoy. There’s also only one save point which, if you suck like me, can mean a lot of repetition, and good luck avoiding getting hit and losing most of your health on the way back… There’s a point whereby if you take a few hits on the way, you might as well curl up and wait for the sweet release of death to let you start again. Difficulty isn’t an inherently negative point – it’s just that Dark Flame can sometimes feel a bit unforgiving.


say hello to death. again

Despite the above, Dark Flame is a slick-looking production. Controls feel tight, the music is excellent (and an obvious love-letter to Castlevania), and the level design and enemies placement is suitably devious even if frustrating at times. And to be fair, Castlevania SOTN was excellent, but was way too easy – progressing in Dark Flame feels like an achievement. And it should.

Besides, difficulty can be a relative thing, so the only real question may be how hard is hard, then? And the easiest way to find out.. is simply play it yourself:

Dark Flame | Final Demo


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