Dinocide: Released, Demo Updated

The full game and accompanyingly updated demo have been released for the previously chatted about game Dinocide. From a quick playthrough, the new demo (version 1.0.6) adds a few elements that flesh things out a bit, like “not instantly starving to death” and adds the promise of some much needed depth to the full game. Will it be the next best thing since discovering fire or just another featureless fossil?


First and foremost: the hunger mechanic seems to have been rebalanced, so now you won’t starve to death on the opening screen (we’re actually not joking: it was entirely possible before). The new demo also adds a proper intro which shows just how massive the Dinosaur God really is, making things feel suitably more epic. The levels are also now slightly more fleshed out too – with a few extra optional pathways to explore and new weapons to collect and play with (don’t try this at home kids).


These are lovely tweaks, but weapon mechanics also been revised in a much needed way. Attacks now utilise an energy bar of sorts, meaning you’ll need to take some care in timing your attacks. Different weapons have different attributes, so the stone axe is strong but slow and consumes more energy, while the later discovered arrow is fast, long-range and takes little energy, but much weaker. Likewise, your dino pals’ attacks generally are powerful but heavy on the energy usage. These tweaks certainly make the game feel a bit less prehistoric on all accounts so if you weren’t sold on it before, the new Dinocide demo could be worth a (re)visit.


Having said that, downloading a free demo and burning an hour away on it is one thing.. but the big question is: how about as a full $10 game? Improvements aside Dinocide is, at the end of the day, still quite a basic throwback to the NES/early 90s sharware days. Reading a few opinions online seems to confirm this: Dinocide doesn’t really want to add anything new or particularly special to the bloated retro/new retro market. For example, while you can select which Dino to bring into a stage, there’s basically no benefit to bringing along any other than the one that matches the level type (lava, water, etc). It’s merely a fun, simple game, nothing more… but you may either see this as “refreshing” or “uninspired”, and considering it can apparently be finished in a few hours, the $9.99 pricetag may require some serious dino dedication to invest.

Dinocide | Demo / Steam


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