Super Lefty Garden Fighty

So it looks like one of the kids from village of the damned survived, living a reformed life as a vegetable farmer – that is until the cauliflower monsters started coming for him (you). How long you can hold off until you’re overrun depends on your timing, reflexes and interest.


One Finger Death Punch is cool and all and I swear I played an Atari 2600 game just like it but just can’t seem to track it down. Anyway, Super Lefty Garden Fighty shares the core mechanic of OFDP, beside the fact you’re using a pitchfork – that is  enemies come at you from both sides and you tap the left or right key when they’re close enough to eliminate them as they gradually increase in numbers. Here, for every group of these dudes you kill, a tree grows, which translates to an extra life on your part. With that said I haven’t actually played OFDP, but I watched one of the more popular let’s play YouTube videos, and I can just imagine the creators of OFDP were ecstatic that someone popular in the lets play scene picked their game, and not only played it but gave it a glowing review all the while his face made a variety of distorted expressions, the same I’d imagine you’d make trying to impress upon your best friends new child.


This game was either part of an indie game jam or someone’s fear of vegetables manifest. Most likely the latter as the fast moving music and super saiyan cabbage patch kids are straight up anti-vegetable propaganda – and what I liked most about this game.

I got to a point where the intensity didn’t appear to be increasing at a rate high enough to hold my interest so it was a very brief affair for me. Now, this would make a nice mobile game for those of you who enjoy being an asshole playing with your phone when out with friends.

Super Lefty Garden Fighty | Download!


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