New Retro News: The Revenge

It’s been a while but we are reviving the New Retro News feature, moving to its new family friendly weekend timeslot (read: Saturdays but if I am drunk/feel lazy, Sundays).

This week’s roundup sees action, adventure, and well, that’s it really:

  • Order of the Throne: Sierra-style adventure
  • Freedy’s Word sheds its price
  • Also, this:

Those eyes

Order of the Throne


Those chaps who wot did that Quest for Glory Infamy game have gone and made another one. This time, instead of an antihero you’re some kind of spoony bard out to be the first in a challenge to find the missing queen. Quest of Infamy wasn’t amazing, but this one could be a decent tale.

Homepage / Steam / GOG

Five Nights Becomes Free Nights


I never really got into the FNaF series, but I did play The Desolate Room and despite the wierd pre-rendered graphics and MS Paint style combat effects, it was a moody and enjoyable JRPG. So I wasn’t terribly surprised at Scott Hawthorn’s post-bigtime decision to do whatever the hell he wants and go back to his first love. Though doing so through the extremely worn out lens of FNaF, a horror franchise, and turning it into an unforgivingly retro JRPG… didn’t seem like the most logical of match-ups. In any case, the game’s release was quite dramatic apparently – but in all the wrong ways – and now Scott’s releasing it for free… some time. No word on when yet, but it’ll apparently be put on his Game Jolt page.

Scott Hawthorn’s Game Jolt Page

Coincidentally, from his Game Jolt page you can download and play his first game with “the creepy characters that were never meant to be scary”. What have you got to lose? Oh, that’s right, your SOUL:


Your soul is mine


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