Demo News: Weekend Drive

On one of my random perusings of the internet I stumbled across this little gem called Weekend Drive. Although an early alpha, and although obstensibly game about driving (presumably on the weekend), you can already enjoy canyon jumping, meteor escaping and giant nazi zombie fighting action. This is what racing games should be like.


Sporting chunky blocky visuals, and a fully destructible city, Weekend Drive is a chaos filled mess in the best kind of way. In the current alpha, there are three modes to play. “Canyon Jump” is a simple stage involving a school bus and a canyon jump – what could possibly go wrong? “Meteor Drive” ups the ante quite a bit, forcing you to rush through a city being decimated by meteors that Bruce Willis failed to destroy. Chunks of buildings will shower all around you as you zip through the crumbling streets. “Nazilla” is the highlight, facing you off against a Godzilla-sized zombie nazi. Drive around, jumping out of your truck to collect weapons and ammo while avoiding the zombies – because of course there’s zombies – and try to take down the big guy as he effortlessly but slowly smashes his way through buildings towards you. Apparently you’re quite tasty, since once he gets close he’ll gobble you up. There’s even a flyable missle-launching helicopter tucked away on the other side of the map.


The developer is apparently planning additional modes, such as escaping from a zombie city and some kind of weird monopoly version where you drive around the city and buy properties. Because why not? Even if all that never happens, the current alpha is already a blast to play around with.

Weekend Drive (alpha) | Download


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