Your ship was wrecked but you’ve made it to the island in one piece. Unfortunately your treasure map wasn’t so lucky, and was scattered to the winds. No time to worry about that, it’s time to do what any treasure hunter would – start your own turnip farm.


Reap by Daniel Linsson is a mini survival/treasure hunt game. You’ve apparently arrived on the island for a spot of treasure hunting, but it will take some time to find it, what with all that messy shipwrecked business. So first, before you can exhume untold riches, you’ll need to secure a source of food. Luckily some turnips washed ashore, so finding a shovel, tilling a few fields and planting enough of these should set you straight. Hunger doesn’t seem like a big issue at first, giving you plenty of time to find your bearings, but once your tummy starts a rumbling, you’ll need to be well stocked since you’ll need quite a few turnips to fill it again. From these humble origins, you can slowly begin explore for items, recover lost fragments of your treasure map, then finally nail down the location of that elusive buried treasure. Apparently “getting back home” wasn’t in the gameplan, so hopefully the treasure contains an inflatable raft or pop-up delux villa or something.

Reap, if the screenshots didn’t clue you off, is a rather minimalistic affair. Simple pixel graphics limited to shades of really-old-Gameboy-brown give the thing a cartology feel, while controls are also minimised to just movement and the A and B buttons two keys – one for each hand. They work well once familiar, but it could be a bit confusing at first, so I’ll elaborate on them here. Basically there are two actions for each ‘hand’, achieved by either pushing the key or holding the key. For example, you can press X to pick up items, and press again to drop them. Dropping turnips into prepared fields will coincidentally plant them. Holding down X, however, will ‘use’ an item, so doing so while holding a turnip will instead eat it, or while holding a shovel you will dig (til a field or a treasure), or while holding holding the axe will chop down trees for their sweet sweet lumber. X in this case represents your left hand, so you can also do all the same things with your right hand, which is controlled with the C key.


Reap is not a complex game, and that seems to be all there is to it – there’s no other food types or water to worry about, no pirate ghosts, nor any crafting requirements. Once you’ve got a decent plot of land farmed out, it’s pretty much impossible to die and boils down to bouts of exploration. So, while it’s a bit more of an arcade affair than a prolonged survival simulator like say, Schiffbruch or Stranded 2, it’s a nice little experience none the less.

Reap | download


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