New Retro News: Tales of Gorluth now free for Amiga

Tales of Gorluth is an Amiga game that was commercially released in 2014 for around $15. Yes, an Amiga game. Apparently it was quite popular, and so developers, a Germany company called Amiworx Software, have now pushed out a sequel. To celebrate, the first one is now available from their site completely free (both German and English versions).


Just keep in mind they weren’t kidding about the Amiga part. You’ll need an Amiga (600 I believe) or emulator to run it. Fun fact: Amiga is Spanish for “friend”. I think. Anyway, sadly, I’ve never owned an Amiga, nor could I ever figure out how to get an Amiga emulator to run despite my best efforts and a three year diploma in IT that I never used anyway. But I hear now days Amiga emulators are quite easy to get running and I’m sure there are people out there who know this stuff, so this one is for you. Enjoy!


From what I can tell, it’s an action-JRPG, possibly like Zelda or the Y’s franchise. It was hard to find much in-depth info and the homepage is a single page that doesn’t really tell you anything about the game and has no screenshots at all (only a youtube video). The best hands-on I could find was here, although it’s quite brief. Alternatively there is a longplay on Youtube, which indicates the game will set you back a couple of hours of your life in exchange for some Zelda-derivative goodness.

The lack of media coverage is a shame, and I can only assume this is because the Amiga community probably consists of 5 people in a library in South Australia and an optional wise-cracking talking parrot, but Gorluth looks worth a play. And in any case, luckily, now it’s free so hell, why not download it and find out for yourself!

Tales of Gorluth | Download


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