Demo News: Dead Knight, rise from your grave!

Your wife just killed you. You’re a skeleton without a head. You need to climb up to the surface for some sweet revenge. There’s your story; deal with it. However, in this demo, there will be no sweet uxoricide (assuming that is what is meant by revenge); you’ll be confided to a the dungeon smashing your way through walls, wearing bugs and opening chests but not much else.


As a headless skeleton, what you can do is try explore your limited surroundings, get hold of 2 swords, a shield and an all but useless ruby. Hands are operated independently, which in this case was to attack with the sword and activate the mana using shield. The alternate camera gives you an overview of the whole map and what you’ve explored so far, in high resolution. You can even play in this mode. But where it gets more interesting: killing the various creatures sometimes leaves behind a exoskeleton which can be worn by you for a brief time. A bit like Kirby, you absorb the powers of the creature you killed to (here at least) gain access to places that bonesy-alonesy couldn’t get to.


It’s a fine line between comicality and calamity when the only pieces of advice come from the knights slain before you, while the lovingly pastel-shaded creatures are already about, seeking their next meal.

The majority of development time so far looks to have been spent on the art and music. There’s a great feel to it, and I was suckered into Dead Knight based on the screenshots alone. The music echoes of cavern dank and old world industry, though some rooms make an exception with more ethereal notes. The game is, like most on this site, also a retrospective of the creator’s influences, with one room in particular you come across has a shelf brimming of older artifacts, almost bedroom like, reaching out to be recognized.


It’s an early demo release, so there are still some issues that need attention. The use of randomly generated items may be a problem if you need more keys to unlock a chest or gain entry to an area. I’m not too keen on the boing-boing sounds effects for the enemies either. It just doesn’t feel.. right  And, of course, being a demo it doesn’t actually go anywhere – you can’t enter or otherwise active the boss door or elevator. Still, you’ll get a feel for the mechanics and whether or not it’s something you throw your disembodied head at to show some support.

It’s hard to be too critical of a game still in the early stages, but even barebone (sorry) as it is, Dead Knight does many things right. It will be interesting to see if/how combat changes with different weapons and items, and if the final product will can maintain its graphical and musical consistency. This is surely one of the more promising indie games in development.

Dead Knight | get the demo here


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