Lakeview Cabin

Lakeview Cabin is Friday the 13th Simulator where you may actually survive… after dying countless times.


In the first Lakeview Cabin entry, it’s just you and the great outdoors, where beer gets you drunk, webs are laid and day turns to night. This wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for a few eerie scenes that you didn’t just imagine. Was this the location of foul play or an unfortunate suicide? Whatever the case, she’s coming back for some bloody revenge, and there’s no time to solve mysteries, just making sure the dead stay buried. Cease and desist notices and restraining orders may have worked back home, but here you must make Macaulay Caulkin proud by creating a series of traps if you want to survive this terror from the lake.

How you prepare yourself for the upcoming slaughter is by using the items scattered about to lay multiple traps, preparing yourself for that moment when She emerges from the lake. The game is played in quite a small sandbox environment, and gaining access to an object may require a succession of antecedent actions. It won’t always be tuition laying the groundwork though, as bumbling sidekick trial-and-error sometimes needs to be given free rein. In any case, depending on your ingenuity (or luck), setting up the traps correctly may take you a while. The game is not entirely serious, but shit gets intense when you’re fresh out of tricks and you have nowhere else to run and so all you can do is wait for Her to gnaw you to death.


The original was so popular that developer Roope Tamminenhas had the followup – the Lakeview Cabin Collection – greenlit earlier this year which includes 4 episodes that build upon the original in a lot of ways – randomized layouts, multiple characters and a lot more (murdersome) toys to play with. An additional episode is in the works, which will be forthcoming in the next major update.

This first entry is a great, free flash game and puzzle-horror-platformer that will have you scratching your head and your face being scratched off at the same time. Remember to press “o” to summon Her… If you’ve survived that ordeal, then head on over to Steam if you gotten the taste for blood and want more…

Lakeview Cabin | Play the free version here | Buy the sequel here


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