CGA: Christmas Game Arcade

CGA: Christmas Game Arcade is what happens when the much overdue fusion of Santa Claus, CGA graphics and SEGA’s Outrun finally arrives. Christmas may be over, but here you can accurately relive the experience by hopping into your Ferrari-manufactured sleigh and speeding down the streets at a cool 120/kph.


I feel the need, the need for… gingerbread and milk

Christmas Game Arcade is a retro-style Chrissy racer in the vein of ancient “3D” racing games like Outrun and Pitstop. Much like in those games, your sleigh is apparently a high horsepower performance vehicle, whizzing past the leisurley cruising Herbie lovebugs and Griswold stationwagons. In the spirit of Advent calendars everywhere, there are also 24 presents scattered across the mean streets for you to try collect before completing your 3 laps.

Ah, the eye gouging glory of CGA. When technology was so limited that they could only choose 4 “colours”, someone apparently took that as a challenge to select the most incompatible colours imaginable. Cyan on Magenta? Yes please. This was a thing.  Snideness aside, though, it was impressive for the time, and Christmas Game Arcade pays tribute to that by making an old-school racing game completely within the Adventure Game Studio (AGS) engine. For those not in the know, AGS is for making Lucasarts/Sierra style point-and-click adventures. So how developer Abstauber created a racer in an adventure game engine I have no idea, so I can only conclude that s/he is, in fact, Santa Claus.


A self-portrait of the developer

The high speed sleigh racing lasts for a quick 3 laps, so it won’t present much challenge or time investment, but serves a perfectly festive retro break between Christmas feasting and NYE drinking.

CGA: Christmas Game Adventure | Download


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