New Retro News: Nethack gets an update after 12 years

Fresh on the heels of ADOM, true classic Roguelike game Nethack gets an update after more than 10 years. For those unfamiliar, it was originally released in 1987 in all its ASCII glory. You begin your quest as one of over a dozen classes with the mission simple enough: get that Amulet of Yendor. What those who played and persisted found though, was a hulking dungeon crawler of a game. And yes, it’s hard.


A lot of the improvements have happened under the hood, with some code cleaning too, though a range of features were also implemented from other Nethack variants such as UnNetHack, NetHack 4 including the “Auto open doors patch” which should save on RSI. This release is also seen as a tribute or sorts to the late Terry Pratchet, who was apparently a fan of the game. As vetern players will know the infamous “Tourist” class is based on his Discworld series of books.

I haven’t played Nethack in the longest of long times, it being pushed to the recesses of my memory. But it is definitely a game where you get out what you put in, so if you can push past the steep learning curve, you will find unparalelled joy in dying a hundred unique deaths.


Nethack 3.6.0 | Download


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