Saboteur: Enhanced Online Edition

The original developer behind the ancient classic ninj-em-up Saboteur in 1984 has gone and created an enhanced online version. Now we can all enjoy infiltrating nondescript installations and getting killed by guard dogs all over again.


I remember playing Saboteur back on the C64, you had to inflirate a base, retrieve some kind of McGuffin (a disk full of rebel leader’s names it seems), and make it back out. Also, not die. The disk getting part wasn’t so hard, the not dying part, on the other hand… Why can’t ninjas just carry shotguns?

Once again the hard working man behind Indie Retro News was on the forefront of some pretty sweet new retro remake style developments. The online edition apparently features a bigger map, and adds some updates to the gameplay, graphics, and extends the plot some to carry on after the conclusion of the original game. The release isn’t free, mind you, and will set you back around 4 pounds, which I suppose is equivilent to around 6EUR/$5USD, or about a $million AUD, judging by the last time I visited London with Australian cash. However for the more skint of us, there’s a free time-limted demo as well.


I can’t comment on the graphics part as this update is based on the ZX Spectrum edition, which already looked better than the C64 version to begin with. But nonetheless, it looks quite cool and methinks it’s time to slip into my tabi and jump silently on to the roof searching for targets. And then also play Saboteur, afterwards.

Sabotuer | Buy/Play Online


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