Maniac on the Mississippi

Maniac on the Mississippi is a crossover between Maniac Mansion and the arguably more obscrue 1986 adventure game Murder on the Mississippi.  Taking the form of a free point and click adventure, it’s time to step into the mouldy slippers of blue-man-group reject cum mad scientist Dr. Fred for some murdertastic adventure.


Starring the blue-skinned Dr. Fred of Maniac fame, you are cruising the Mississippi on a much needed holiday away from kidnapping meddling teenagers. When a hot young blonde asks if Dr. Fred is indeed a real doctor, and whether he can come to her cabin to check a mark on her skin, the old coot decides to go along with it because of purely honourable intentions and surely nothing sleazy whatsoever.

As the title would lead you to expect, it’s not in fact a hentai game or deviant art erotic fan game, but rather a point and click murder mystery that ol’ Fred somehow gets himself mixed up in. Being a reluctant hero evil mad scientist you naturally decide the best course of action is to dispose of the body.


Gameplay takes place in an old fashioned point and click adventure reminiscent of the early Monkey Island games, utilising the usual commands such as talk to, look at, pick up, and so forth. The game is originally in German – but the English translation can be selected from the setup file. Note however the translation missed a few things (e.g. paintings labelled ‘bild’ instead, etc) – although nothing that makes the game unplayable – and of course some of the humour doesn’t perhaps translate, so I can’t quite say this lives up to the Lucasarts golden age (what does?), but if you are a fan of the two games, it might be worth checking out.

Maniac on the Mississippi | Download on AGS


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