Night City Assault (demo)

Streets of Rage-like old school demo with River City Ransom RPG elements? Shut up and take my money! At least that’s what I first thought when hearing that a demo for Night City Assault was out there in the wild. The demo redefines “micro” but if you’re interested in a taste of this Greenlight/Kickstarter upstart, give it an old fashioned beating.


Gameplay in Night City Assault is much like the standard fare served up by its Streets of Rage and Final Fight neighbours (I like to imagine they are neighbour cities in a Sim City 2000 map), which involves the complicated dance of moving from one side of the screen to the other and punching and kicking punks until they do that curious flashing-repeatedly-before-disappearing-into-oblivion thing. Or, well, perhaps more like Double Dragon, since the moveset is more basic and is apparently upgradable later in the full game, much like Double Dragon III. In any case, given the ultra short length of the demo – you basically have two screens that will take 5-10min at most – you’re straddled with the most basic of moves and won’t see further martial development, which feels a bit stifling. The animation feels a bit stiff too – presumably this will be smoothed out of the kickstarter goal is reached.


The potential to upgrade moves does sound interesting though, and the metroidvania style minimap and potentially non-linear exploration, combined with other RPG elements a la River City Ransom could make for something special if the developer’s play their cards right.

In terms of beat ’em ups with RPG elements, Final Fantasy 7: Re-imagined still takes the crown, but since that is more likely to be sued to Outer Heaven than be finished due to the proprietary nature of its source material, Night City Assault could be one to keep an eye on.

Night City Assault | Demo on Kickstarter




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