Tale of Kelda

Gather round as I once more recall the time I saved my husband from a jealous monster. It will take under 20 minutes. I know you’ve probably heard it dozens of times already, but bear with me, will you?


A crocodile looking beast has taken to your knight, by taking him. He was the only guy you didn’t swipe left on, so you’re not giving him up so easily. Apart from your close quarter uppercut, you have a couple of handy tricks, including a double jump and ranged ball attack if you hold z long enough. An oddity about her melee slash is the delay in execution, making your attacks a little more frustrating interesting. These weapons are used against the three types of enemies and one boss, who happens to be the only real challenge of the game. The undead meanwhile perform about as poorly as any 8 bit enemy, and could not die soon enough at your hand.


Tale of Kelda was made for Gameboy Jam 3 (in 10 days!), so there was deliberate effort in staying true to the 2bit palette and feel of games as they were back then. This means you have probably seen this all before, though female leads weren’t as common as they are now. As much as the music loops, it’s catchy enough not to be silenced.

While successful in emulating the feel, the game does come across as somewhat of a charicature, having no great challenge or strategy (though to be fair, most Gameboy games were like that). Tale of Kelda won’t have you pulling out hair, especially those of the already balding, Gameboy generation, but it might get you to wonder if handheld platformers ever did evolve beyond jump and slash. I actually did like this game though; sometimes we just want to succeed with minimal effort and this just another case of art imitating life.

Tale of Kelda | Download on GameJolt


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