I’m Alright

Just as your partner might claim “I’m all right” after coldly shrugging off your tender affection, don’t put too much faith into the title of this debut game by New Zealand student Allenjayroldan.


You wake up in a hospital and everything is undeniably positive; singing birds, sunlight, and there’s definitely a spring in your step. Not before long though, things take a turn for the worse. Waking up again, you’ll once more pull yourself out of bed, but with more effort this time. The heavy breathing, which would make for some nice prank calls, is enough to let anybody know you’re pretty shaken up. Plus everything’s been torn to shit. So yes, hospitals can get worse.


You probably want to get out of here, but there’s some nasty purple alien things between you and horrible freedom. This ain’t no shoot-em-up, so it’s stealth all the way – hiding in shadows, crouching, climbing, luring – the tools you’ll use to overcome the odds. There are several types of these creatures, each performing different duties, and each ready to end your life in their own unique way. It’s not particulary sophisticated and you’ll fly through it in no time. The old overrun hospital is a familiar theme, but it is executed well.

There is no dialogue in the game and the story is “open to interpretation”. Though you don’t need any exposition to know a hospital overrun by aliens can only mean one thing – there is some misplaced fear in simply believing robots will replace all our jobs.


If you have 10 – 15 minutes on hand you can (kind of) get to the bottom of things, or at least view a cool final scene that partially makes sense and *puts on EA exec. cap* has sequel written all over it. Without knowing much about this game, I downloaded it based on the few screenshots I saw. It deserves a look into, if only to see the conclusion (or you could skip to the end of this). It will be interesting to see where to from here for the Kiwi, but there is promise in this first attempt.

I’m Alright | Download on GameJolt


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