Down Ward (alpha)

Down Ward is a puzzle-platformer sporting detailed yet retro Gameboy-inspired visuals. Setting you in the feathery shoes of an owl, you must glide through each level collecting enough feathers to bring to a totem to complete each level. Being more of puzzler this of course means flapping your way through a series of progressively more complicated levels.


Being a bird, you naturally have the somewhat handy ability of flight. However, the trick is that just like a real bird, you can’t just vertically lift off the group but rather need to create and maintain momentum to stay in flight. It’s kind of like the advanced version of the cape from Super Mario World, and stopping still or hitting a wall will cause you to lose your flow and fall back down to earth. It feels a bit frustrating at first, but soon you’ll be scanning your beady avian eyes across each level, tactically launching from platforms as you soar above enemies’ heads.

Also like a real bird you can attack all who oppose you by swishing your feathers into a deadly sharp sword-like point, slicing them into bloody chunks. This combination of flight and violence means that once you master the controls, you’ll be maneuvering and slicing your way through levels with the elegance of the Pygnosis Owl.


It’s just an Alpha demo but Down Ward has enough levels already to fill any urge for deatiled game-boy style pixel graphics combined with Owl-based murdering. So far it’s looking like a polished effort that oozes atmosphere and substance. Wait, sorry, I hear something rap tap tapping at my window.. oh, it’s a..  wait, no get away, don’t look at me with those beady eye-wait-n-ARghssgda–

And he was never seen again…

Down Ward | Download on GameJolt


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