New Retro Vault: Star Wars – The Battle of Endor

With the new Space Force Wars Battle or whatever it’s called coming out soonish, I suddenly craved some old school space ’em up action. Star Wars: The Battle of Endor, a 2003 game by Bruno R Marcos, was just such the apertif for that calling.


My memory’s not what it used to be, but if I’m correct this game re-creates that fateful battle before E Honda Solo and a sentinent Crunchie bar finally defeated the evil Umpire, presumably in a galatic volley ball match. With space volley balls. Lucky, early-onset dementia isn’t a problem for understanding this game – the only thing you really need to know is how to use a mouse (or gamepad*) and point and shoot the millions of Zerg-like TIE Fighters that continually spew from the bellies of the oncoming Star Destroyers. It harks back to the 90s Star Wars Arcade arcade game – though here only limited to the final space battle – in all the right ways.

Battle of Endor game takes place across 6 stages – which basically take place as continual waves or phases of the battle. Along with about 50 X-Wings, you’ll have to take on the TIE fighter, star destroyers,  and eventually the mammoth flagship Executor, while Han deals with that pesky Death Star (Mk II) business. As a hint: you can even defeat the Executor just as in the movies (in true 90s fashion – peek at the readme file for more info).


It’s a bit more basic than Star Wars Arcade – this game sports a retro untextured low polygon-count look – very similar to the old Virtua Racing game. On the other hand Star Wars Arcade was effectively an on-rails shooter whilst here you have full control over ship movement, making it a more tactical – if still very arcadey – experience. It feels suitably cinemtic too, thanks to the apperance of the millenium falcon, memorable lines (“It’s a trap”), and of course thanks to the orchestral backing of the original film’s score.

Battle of Endor is a great fan-made arcade-style space shooter that time forgot, and definitely worth a quick re-visit before the midichlorians awaken.

Star Wars: The Battle of Endor | Download

Note: the game obstensibly supports gamepads but it freaked out with my x-box style controller (constant spinning) – presumably because the game was made well before PCs could handle these  types of controllers. Joytokey worked for me as an alternative.


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