Schiaffi & Fagioli [demo]

Schiaffi and Fagiolo is a tribute game to the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies – of which I’ve never seen. It is however also a tribute to retro beat em up games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage – of which I have played.


As can be somewhat immediately gleamed from the screenshot, the game revels in retro-asthetics – with a curved glassy display filter remisnicent of ancient TVs, and of course, a classic 16-bit style pixel graphics. In this western face puncher you control your drunken cowboy with the WASD keys to move and TRY keys to attack and block. Admittedly it’s a bit cramped really, so gamepad is the better option here if you have one.

Gameplay-wise Schiaffi & Fagioli contains the usual larks – walking around, punching guys, and picking up whisky bottles to drink (for health) and smash ofver baddies’ heads (for damaging). For moments when a bottle just won’t do the trick there is also the ability to pick up fallen foes and use them as hitting sticks too, because why not. Your partner can be controlled by a second player but if your friends hate video games, then the pardner will be AI-controlled and invunerable to boot. Who needs weak not-invunerable friends, anyway!?


Overall though the game controls did feel a bit too basic and a bit too jerkily for my tastes – it wasn’t quite up to the fluid action of Streets of Rage Remix (sadly taken down for IP-infringement, and I’m sure there would be no such way to find a copy snywhere...) for example, but it’s nevertheless a free, grog fuelled, way to pass an afterwork wind-down.

Schiaffi & Fagiolo (demo) | Download

Note: The game’s default setting is in Italian – so make sure to go to the Options menu first and switch it to English (not that the plot really makes any much sense either way)


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