New Retro News: Dungeon Kingdom Early Access

Dungeon Kingdom is a first-person dungeon crawler that’s been in development for a while and has recently become available in Steam’s early access.


In a totally-not-Middle-Earth setting, it is the midst of the third age fourth age, and you are approached by a Gandalf a mysterious mage to join you on a dragon den treasure hunt journey to Mordor great quest, which may or may not secretly have something to do with the one ring arcane moon symbol on your hand.

Tongue-in-cheek stabs aside though – for those into traditional/hardcore RPGs Dungeon Kingdom is looking absolutely promising already. The game looks to be an involved RPG – with hunger and thirst mechanics al la Dungeon Master fusing the updated graphics and controls al la Legend of Grimrock. Like those crawlers, movement is grid-based but combat plays out in real-time, and there’s a more involved spell casting system using combinations of signs. An excellent detailed hands-on preview at Indie Retro News surmises:

“Dungeon Kingdom is a very beautiful and visually inspired dungeon crawler with a lot of potential. There’s enough unique features to make it interesting, and it ticks many of the boxes in my check list for enjoyable dungeon crawlers. The guys over at Hydro Games have their dungeon crawling hearts in the right place and I have nothing but respect for anyone that still create games of this genre in 2015”

That all said, Dungeon Kingdom is an Early Access game and the usual disclaimers apply. While it’s reportedly pretty polished overall, there’s of course a few bugs, and some aspects of the game are not yet perfectly smooth.


Dungeon Kingdoms | Buy on Steam (Early Access)


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