Demo: Dolor

Dolor is an open source Zelda-style game currently in development. The open source bit means anyone will be able to copy it and make their own Zelda game with it. The New Retro News part means that there’s a playable “draft” right here.


The developer is aiming to make “a relatively simple overhead 2d game in the spirit of the original Legend of Zelda, with a focus on atmosphere, exploration and puzzle solving.” Which sounds pretty good to me.

The game in its current state is still pretty basic, there’s dungeons but no bosses yet, and critically here’s no way to regain health yet aside from restarting. From what I understand it’s not procedurely generated – so level designs may seem a bit bare now but will have that classic Zelda dungeon-item-progression shick that made the franchise so playable. For now it’s a neat tech demo with some enemies to chop, the first dungeon can be found in the upper left hand corner.

Dolor (draft) | Play online | Development Thread


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