New Retro News: ADOM meets steam

Classical behemoth of the roguelikes, Ancient Domains of Mystery (or ADOM to its mates), has been released on Steam this week. It’s purchasable on steam for the not insignificant but definitely value-for-money-per-hour price of around $15.


For those out of the loop, ADOM is one of the granddaddys of the roguelike genre, being one of the most in-depth and polished of the lot. On top of the usual staggering amount of actions available (dip something into a potion and see what happens, cleaning out your ears, etc..) and rich interactivity with the world (freeze water to create a bridge, lure monsters into traps..), ADOM added a stronger sense of plot and focused character development to the game, with an over-arching story and character skills and perks. It feels more like a RPG with permadeath than a permadeath game with RPG-elements. It’s still hard as nails though.

The game has been in on-again-off again development since it was made, some two decades ago, and the free version is still available. The most recent updates do a lot to smooth over the complexity inherent in the genre, adding a much more user friendly GUI and menus (but no less deadly gameplay).


The steam release is titled ADOM Deluxe and is supposedly an enhanced version of the decades old game. A list of the differences between the free version and the deluxe version are at: From what I can see, currently the deluxe version’s main differences are options such as the ability to customise monster lethality, treasure rate and turn off gameplay aspects such as the corruption mechanic. However it does seem further updates may only be to the paid version – so it’s quite possible the paid version will become much more significantly enhanced over time.

ADOM | Buy on Steam


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